Our Staff
Kiri Gill
Kieran Gill
About Kieran -
A very experienced member of the team and has successfully set up the Imagine training organisation and the nursery. Previously Kieran worked in a children’s centre and had responsibility for children with special educational needs. She also led on curriculum planning and development.
Qualifications -
NVQ Level 2
NVQ Level 3
Degree in Early Childhood Studies
Telephone: 07403 467 891
Email: [email protected]
Baljit Gill
Baljit Gill
Early Years Teacher in charge, Trainer and consultant
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About Baljit -
A highly qualified and experienced member of our team. She is also the main trainer and consultant for Imagine… Baljit has been managing and leading in Early Years Education and in Children’s Services for over twenty years.
Qualifications -
BTEC Nursery Nursing
BA Honours Early Childhood Studies
NPQICL - National Professional Qualification Integrated Children’s Centres
Master of Arts Education
EYPS - Early Years Professional Status
Telephone: 07403 467 891
Email: [email protected]