The Enviroments

The environments are set up in ways that reflect our philosophy- we believe in offering opportunities for children to play and learn without undue restraints. The atmosphere is one of encouragement and acceptance of mistakes, risk-taking (in safety), innovation and stimulation so that each child is encouraged to look beyond what they see immediately, to search more deeply, to ask more questions, to challenge their own and others' thinking.

We have adopted the free flow approach in which children can move freely indoors and outdoors, making their own choices and decisions about the types of play and learning they engage in. The environment is carefully planned and each of these spaces are set up to encourage and support a range of learning opportunities and experiences, for example:

Active Spaces
Where children can run, jump, roll and play with large equipment such as tyres and crates.

Quiet Spaces
Where children can rest and sleep or sit quietly by themselves or engage in quiet conversations with others, have stories or sit and look at books.

Art and Craft 
Where a whole range of activities are offered including painting, clay, collage, felt-making, modelling and more. The tenets of the Reggio Emilia approach are an important part of our approach and philosophy and as one of the “Hundred Languages of Children” we consider the visual arts to be an important and central part of the children’s experience.

Role Play 
Where children engage in domestic home play or where adults might set up a shop, garage or theatre. This can be adapted according to children's interests.

Materials are set up beautifully, they have been organised to encourage and support inspiring ideas and experiences. Materials are sourced from educational suppliers from educational recycling centres, from local retailers and from domestic materials that are re-used in a range of ways. Alongside these we offer interesting and exciting natural materials and encourage children and parents to collect and bring in their own. We also want to give children access to artefacts as and when possible extending their learning in more exciting and interesting ways.

Our aim is to offer as many beautiful recycled, found and natural materials as possible, open-ended loose parts that are used by children creatively in their own way. Raw materials such as sand, water, soil and clay are used daily to support and extend children's learning.

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