Understanding what makes an Effective Environment for Play, Learning and Development

The design of the rooms and spaces at Imagine… are a physical representation of our vision, mission and values. The rooms and spaces support our approach to learning which has been, and continues to be inspired by the world famous schools of Reggio Emilia, Italy:

• Children have rights and should be given opportunities to develop their potential.
• Children come to nursery with their own experiences of life set in the context of their family and community.
• Children must have some control over their own learning. They must be enabled to make decisions and choices.
• Children learn through their senses and must be supported to learn through experiences of touching, moving, listening, seeing, tasting and hearing;•
• Children should be supported to take control over the direction of their work.
• Children must be allowed to express themselves using ‘a hundred and more of their languages’
• In early years we must have high expectations of both children and adults and encourage a research based approach to learning and development.
• Children learn best when they have supportive adults and high quality learning environments and materials.

We want to introduce you to our dynamic, creative and beautiful rooms and spaces but in doing this we want to emphasise that nothing remains static, that environments for play, learning and development evolve and change according to what is appropriate at any given time for individual children and groups of children and for the needs of the organisation.